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I’ve deleted my blog.

So if any of my followers were to check who unfollowed them, or actually visited my blog and find it gone, I’ve finally decided to delete it.  I’ve been considering deleting for the past 4 months and now I guess the time has come.  

Reasons why I deleted:

  1. someone from school who i did not share my url with found my blog
  2. i don’t go on as often anymore
  3. i keep losing followers
  4. you’re supposed to be happy when you go on tumblr.  but whenever i log onto galaxiis, i feel like it’s a task.

Since I deleted, why can you still find me?  Well, this is now a saved url on my fandom account - which I will not share for now.  You can find me on scenesque, which is my scenery blog.  Feel free to message and follow me there. :]

So, that’s about it I guess!  Hopefully someone will actually read this and this post won’t be a waste of my time.  Thank you, these two and a half years have been fun while it lasted.  - Vivien x